4 Surprise 60th Birthday Party Ideas

Posted on April 07, 2014 by Tijon Employee
Turning 60 is definitely a milestone. When a person has reached this age, they have been through life’s ups and downs and are finally nearing the retirement age. This is one of the biggest milestones before a person’s health starts to decline and should be a time of happiness and appreciation.

While he or she may say that they do not want an extravagant party, family members will always want to do something extra special for their loved one. The following 60th birthday party ideas are unique and affordable.

The Bell of the Ball
If your loved one is a woman, having a ball for them will be one of the most thoughtful ideas possible. At this age, a woman does not feel the vigor or beauty that they once had. Instead, they will most likely dress down and not have a chance to wow the crowd.

A Bell of the Ball party is special. This allows all guests and the birthday woman to really dress up and dance the night away. This must be done in a special and romantic manner.

Allow her to pick a beautiful gown, have cake and of course, play music from her youth. Many people have a difficult time trying to determine where this event should take place. The following outlets are available:

Hotel Halls: Some hotels will have a hall wherein guests can rent out the dance floor. This will be seen in major hotels and is a good option during the winter months. This is usually cheaper than the idea of renting out a venue and will be a great treat for all involved.

Firehouses: Have you ever stepped foot inside of a firehouse? Most of these firehouses have a conference room with the perfect dance floor included. In fact, this is where many Sweet 16 parties take place. This is an ultra-affordable option that is definitely a good choice.

Wedding Venue: If you have the budget, a wedding venue can be rented out for the occasion. This will be very expensive, but the ambiance and amenities that come along with a wedding venue are nearly priceless.

The Bell of the Ball will be a great option when done properly. The only issue is that she will have to know about your plans before her big day because of the gown fitting.

Disco Night
Older people used to go to discos and clubs just as young people do today. While the music may be different and the clothes have changed, a disco party will still be well welcomed. If you are lucky, you can throw one of these parties at a real disco that plays all of the old hits.
There is also the option of turning your home or basement into a disco haven. While it may seem like a lot of work, all you need is a good sound system, food and of course a strobe light.

You will be shocked at just how well the older generation can dance.

Circus Party
What better way to make a person feel young than to go to the circus? Clowns, animals and food are all that a person needs to feel reinvigorated. You will have to search around your city to find out if a circus exists. If not, there are times of the year when the circus may just come through your town.

In the worst case scenario, you can go out of your town to find a circus. Remember to invite friends and family members along for the occasion. This will be a time where no expenses can be spared. If animal petting, rides or activities are offered, you must provide this for the birthday girl or boy. Oftentimes, elephant rides are offered and they are unforgettable.

Family Reunion
As a person gets older, they will have a lot of family members and friends that have moved out of state. This is a time when getting all of these loved ones together will be well appreciated. It is surprising who will make the trek across states or even countries for a person’s 60th birthday.

This reunion is much simpler and cost effective than the previously mentioned ideas. A friend or family member with a big yard will definitely allow you to throw your party at their home. Once this is setup, you can ask every guest to bring a certain dish. This may be pasta salad, desserts, dips, sodas or anything that is able to be heated or eaten cold and that will not spoil during travel.

A family reunion is going to be a very special and memorable time in a person’s life. These reunions are meant to bring all of a person’s loved ones together. 

If you bring music, hire a photographer and setup an outdoor area to eat, it will make the moment even more memorable.
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