60th Birthday Party Ideas for Mom

Posted on April 01, 2014 by Tijon Employee
Planning a party for your mom’s 60th birthday? This milestone birthday should be celebrated in a special way. Here are some 60th birthday party ideas for mom to help you get started.

Tea Party
A tea party can be both sophisticated and fun. This is a great idea for moms who are bit old-fashioned. Invite all of her best gal pals and any ladies in the family your mom is close with. Ask everyone to wear a hat and dress. It doesn’t have to be formal, but you want everyone looking their best. The party can be held in a traditional tea house or you can host it in your own home. Serve small cakes and tea-friendly finger foods. Don’t forget to the tea!

50s Sock Hop
If your mom loves to dance, a 50’s Sock Hop may be the perfect birthday idea. Most party stores will have plenty of décor items for this theme. Records, balloons and a juke box will help create the perfect atmosphere. Have guests wear appropriate “sock hop” clothing. Serve ice cream floats, cupcakes and other tasty finger foods. This is a fun party idea that your mom will love.

Outdoor Barbeque
Outdoor barbeques are always a great choice for birthday parties. Because this is your mom’s special day, you may want to go the extra mile to make the party a little more special. Decorate the tables with her favorite flowers and choose a theme for the party. The usual barbeque fare should be served along with cake and ice cream.

Family Reunion
Rather than a traditional birthday party, why not host a family reunion in honor of your mom’s birthday? Invite every family member you can get in touch with. Do your best to get the contact information of family members you haven’t seen in a while. If you’re worried about the cost of food, consider a pot-luck. Ask everyone to bring a dish with them. This will ensure that everyone is well-fed. If you can, keep the reunion a surprise. This will really make your mom’s 60th birthday special. 

Over the Hill Theme
If your mom has a good sense of humor, an Over the Hill theme may be fun. There are plenty of gag gifts and gag decorations to play on the theme. Give out little jars of “dirt” as a favor or have your mom wear an “Over the Hill” themed hat. While this party idea may be a fun one, you need to make sure that your mom has a great sense of humor. This type of party may not the best choice for everyone and some may be offended by the idea. 

Sweet Treats
Show your mom just how sweet she is by throwing her a “Sweet Treats” themed 60th birthday party. Have a sweets bar with candies, cupcakes, cookies and ice cream. Don’t forget to include a variety of toppings. Decorations, place settings and centerpieces can all be “sweet treat” themed. This is a birthday party idea that your mom and guests of all ages will really enjoy. 

Garden Theme
If your mom is an avid gardener, a garden themed party is a great choice. Flowers should be the star of the show here. Potted flowers make great centerpieces. Consider having a buffet or food bar and decorate the table with plenty of fresh flowers. Pick bright colors like green, pink and blue. A rose themed cake or cupcakes will make for the perfect treat. 

Vintage Movie Theme
This theme is both fun and nostalgic. For a fun vintage movie party, set up a snack buffet with popcorn (butter and caramel!) and candies like Kit Kat bars, Twix and Snickers. For a classic vintage movie drink, serve Coca-Cola in mini glass bottles or root beer. If you have the means, you can recreate the drive-in experience by renting a large projector screen and playing old vintage films. If not, you can always gather everyone together and watch the films on a regular television. This is a fun party idea that will keep your guests entertained.

Masquerade balls can be as fun and extravagant as you want. If your budget allows, you can rent a hall and decorate with masquerade-inspired décor. This type of theme usually incorporates dark colors with black being the preferred choice. White or bright pink elements may also be incorporated. When inviting guests, make sure that you ask them to dress for the occasion and to bring their own masquerade mask.

Vegas Inspired Party
A Vegas themed party is a great choice for moms who like to indulge in a little gambling from time to time. Any local party store is sure to have Vegas-inspired decorations, and food choices can be simple. Black, white and red should be the main colors used in your décor. Guests can keep entertained by playing a game of cards (no betting allowed!). For favors, you can give out small jars of mixed nuts or a deck of personalized playing cards. 
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