13th Birthday Party Ideas for Girls

Posted on March 30, 2014 by Tijon Employee
A girl’s 13th birthday marks her transition from pre-teen to teen. At this age, girls love fashion, music and spending time with their friends. Planning a party for a 13 year old girl can be a challenge to say the least, but here are some ideas to inspire you. 

Hollywood Theme
A Hollywood themed party can be glamorous and exciting. Gold, black and red (or pink) are the ideal colors to choose. Replicas of the Oscar award and Hollywood Sign can be incorporated into the décor. Life-size cardboard cut outs of famous movie stars like Marilyn Monroe can be included too. What’s great about this theme is that you can serve just about any type of food. You can also keep the kids entertained by playing family-friendly films throughout the evening.

Cupcake and Candy Theme
Even at 13, girls still love cupcakes and candy. This cute theme is both bright and fun. Instead of a traditional cake, why not have a cupcake tower? Don’t forget to include a cupcake and candy bar for the girls to pick at during the party. Choose bright fun colors like pink, purple, blue, green and yellow. You have plenty of options with this theme, so feel free to be as creative as you want.

Circus Theme
A circus theme can be simple or it can be over the top. If you have the means, you can hire performers and even offer horse rides. Clowns or acrobats can be an exciting element to add to the party. You can also serve traditional festival or circus fare, like popcorn, potato chips, hot dogs, hamburgers and funnel cake. Don’t forget to incorporate a few healthy foods in there. Red, yellow and blue are the main colors used in this theme. 

Fiesta Party 
Fiesta parties are so much fun, and you have plenty of options with this theme. You’re never too old to have a Piñata at your party, so don’t forget to incorporate a few. If the girls are open to the idea, you can have everyone wear sombreros and serve “mocktails.” Traditional Mexican fare can be served and bright colors should be used in the décor. 

Hawaiian Luau
If her birthday is in the summer, you can host a Hawaiin Luau in your backyard. This is a great theme for a pool party. Hang grass skirts around the tables and use Tiki torches for lighting. Have guests wear leis and flowers in their hair. Bright pinks, greens, blues and oranges should be used. To really recreate the island experience, have the girls drink from “coconut” cups. Don’t forget to include a fresh pineapple wedge and a mini umbrella. No luau would be complete with a game of limbo.

Sleepovers are the perfect party idea for a 13 year old girl. This gives her a chance to spend some time with her best gal pals. Pillow fights, gossiping, makeovers and movie watching are what make sleepovers so much fun. This idea is best suited for small parties. Remember, you will need to keep an eye on the girls, so having a party with ten or more girls may be more than you can handle.

Movie-Themed Party
Movie-themed parties can be casual and inexpensive. If she has a favorite film, you can base the entire party’s theme on that film. The Hunger Games and Twilight are two popular choices. Most party stores will have film-themed decorations from the most popular movies. Serve traditional movie fare like popcorn, soda and candy. For entertainment, the girls can watch the movie that inspired the party. This is a great budget-friendly party idea that you can host in your own home.

Fashion Show Theme
Fashion show themed parties can be a great way to boost the party girl’s and her guests’ self-esteem. The girls can take turns giving each other makeovers and walking down the runway. Fashion-inspired decorations can make this party one that the girls will never forget. Supply guests with fun outfits, shoes, makeup and anything else they may need to put on their show. You can purchase outfits from a thrift store, or have the girls supply their own makeup if you are on a tight budget. 

A Day in the City
What better way to celebrate her 13th birthday than by spending a day (or night) on the town? If you live near a big city (think New York or Chicago), you can rent a limo and have her and her closest girlfriends spend the day exploring the sites. If you have the means, you can arrange for the girls to see a show or concert. You can end the day by going out to lunch or dinner. This glamorous party idea is best suited for a small group of friends, unless you have a larger budget. Even if it’s just her and her best friend, this idea will not disappoint.
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