65th Birthday Party Ideas

Posted on March 26, 2014 by Tijon Employee
Regardless of a person’s age, they will want to be able to spend their birthday in style. When a person gets older, something magical happens – they start having more fun. While there are many reasons behind this, it is often something that goes unexplained. When does a person want to have the most fun? On their birthday of course! While hitting 50 is a feat, hitting 65 is an even bigger milestone. 

A person that just hits 65 will have to have a spectacular birthday filled with fun, family and of course, lots of food. The following 65th birthday party ideas will have each and every person laughing the night away.

Ballroom Dancing
Dancing is something that people of all ages enjoy. Ballroom dancing, however, is completely different. When it comes to dancing, older generations grew up with beautiful music and slow, steady dancing. Now, however, they do not get to do the one thing they love any longer- dance.

This can easily be done by renting out a haul and hiring a DJ. This should be a time when everyone dresses up and the special guest is surrounded by the ones they love. What should go into this very special party idea?

• Cake: A beautiful cake must take center stage at some point.
• Duration: The party should last at least 3 hours.
• Music: A professional DJ can be hired so that they can play all of the oldies that will remind a person of their past.
• Guests: There will need to be all of the right people invited. Instead of inviting just family, also invite old school friends to really surprise the person. Obviously, ensure that these are the people that they truly like – not people they use to like.

Karaoke Night
Have you heard yourself sing before? While some people may be blessed with a beautiful voice, others sound like a squeak toy that is suddenly deflating. What does this mean? Grandma or grandpa will have a blast listening to all of their friends and family singing. The truth is, it is better to be terrible so that they laugh the night away.

The goal is for everyone to gather together for the special occasion and sing era-based songs from the birthday boy or girl’s youth. The goal of this is truly to bring the family together for a special night of fun and there is definitely nothing wrong with a night of song and laughter.

Reunion Party
For those that want something a little more serious, a reunion party is one that is always welcomed. These parties are meant to get everyone together in a fun, memorable manner. This means that you must call:

• Friends
• Family

In fact, you should invite anyone that has touched the person’s life to the event. Sometimes, friends that have not seen each other in over 20 years will finally get together and reminisce about the past.

Surprise Party
When it comes to parties, there are times when a surprise will be the absolute best choice. This means that a person will be able to really be shocked when they walk through the door. This can be done in a myriad of locations with the following being seen often:

• At Home: When a person walks in the door, they will love hearing the word “surprise” coming out of their guest’s mouth. Simply bring the person out of the home to “celebrate,” and when you arrive back, have everyone ready and waiting to greet them.
• Restaurant: It is also possible to bring everyone to a restaurant and have it be a complete surprise. This helps mask cars that might give away the surprise when it is at a person’s home.

Surprise parties are essential at least once in a person’s life. If the birthday girl or boy has never had a surprise party before, this may just be the absolute best choice.

Formal Dinner Party
Older generations are very formal. They like to do everything just so. This means that they want to make a lasting impression and hold the highest ideals. When it comes to a dinner party, this is not going to be taken lightly. In fact, a person will want to dress to the nines to truly make an impression.

This means that you must wear a nice suit and women will want to put on their best dress. A beautiful dinner with the closest people to a person will definitely be a big surprise. This allows everyone to be relaxed, laugh and have a good time.

There are dozens of ideas that you can come up with that are unique to a person. A fisherman may enjoy having their party on a boat and someone that enjoys opera may want to bring everyone along to see their favorite singer in person. Just remember to keep the day special and unique at all times.
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