6 Newspaper Wedding Announcement Wording Examples

Posted on March 25, 2014 by Tijon Employee
Newly engaged couples may desire to announce their wedding plans to the local community and city by way of getting a newspaper wedding announcement published. Rather you submit for your announcement to appear online or through a traditional form you have to send it, normal details include the following components.

• Month and year of the wedding date.
• Officiating Person
• Place and City of wedding
• Brides Name, Age, City, State, and Parents
• Brides Schools, Degrees, and Organizations
• Bride’s Current Employer and/or Occupation
• Groom’s Name, Age, City, State, and Parents
• Groom’s Schools, Degrees, and Organizations
• Groom’s Current Employer and/or Occupation
• Honeymoon
• Couple’s Future City of Residence

Basic Components to a Newspaper Wedding Announcement
With the following details gathered and organized, the structure of a wedding announcement is normally broken down to the following components.

1. The Basics – names, time, location, venue, musicians, rehearsal dinner, reception location, and who will be performing the ceremony.
2. The Family – A rundown of the family tree for both the bride and groom of their parents, paternal grandparents, and all relevant to their direct family relationship.
3. The Dress – Description of the dress, designer, and details.
4. The Bridesmaids – Maid of honor, bridesmaid’s names, and what they wore.
5. Biographical Information – Schools graduated from, degrees obtained, associations, and employers belonged to.
6. Closing – The honeymoon location.

Basic Traditional Announcement Example
[bride’s parents] of [city] are pleased to announce the engagement of their daughter, [bride] to [groom], son of [groom’s parents] of [city] is a graduate of the [school] and is a [job title] at [employer]. [Groom] graduated from [school] and is employed with [name of employer]. An [month] wedding is planned.

Tips for Your Announcement
Newspaper wedding announcements should be written in the past tense as the engagement has already occurred. The mention of both parents is not considered a necessity. The typical announcements are performed two to three months prior to the wedding date and can be announced at any of the following sources.

- Local Newspaper of Residence. If each individual lives in a different city, make an announcement in both.
- Alumni magazines or college newspapers if you graduated from the same school.
- News sources extended new friends or family members.

If you decide to include an image with your announcement be sure that the eyes and the heads are leveled to create symmetry in the photo when it is printed. Before scheduling your announcement, be sure to establish a budget its publishing and look at different cost size variations. Above all, proofread your announcement before submitting. 

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