40th Birthday Gift Ideas for a Best Friend

Posted on March 24, 2014 by Tijon Employee
When it comes to a best friend, there is a special bond that cannot be explained. Much like any friend, it is essential to have a form of trust and an open heart. However, true best friends seem to be two souls that simply must meet in life. The best part is that the other is simply happy with anything that they receive for their birthday.  Here are a few 40th birthday gift ideas for a best friend.

A Day at Sea
When it comes to a friend, what better way to give a gift than to stay together at sea? There are day cruises that are filled with food, fun and pampering all day long. These cruises are a great way to get away from the rigorous schedule a person has and are truly affordable.
Obviously, this works best when you live on the coast and have a place wherein you can easily set sail. A beautiful day at sea will be both fun and add a little spunk into the step of the birthday boy or girl.

Exotic Car Ride
More meant for him, many companies are now offering the opportunity to drive an exotic automobile. These are the cars that a person wishes they could drive just one time in their life. Think of Lamborghini and Ferrari as well as many older classics.

There are companies that do this, but you must know what to look for first. There are those that allows the vehicle to be driven on the road only. This means that a person never really gets to feel the true power of the vehicle. There is no pedal to the metal when you are on the road.

Instead, it is highly recommended to find a company that allows you to open the car up fully right on the race track. This means going as fast as you want for a predefined number of laps or hours.

This is a moderate gift that will become much more costly as the duration goes up. What better way to surprise a person on their 40th birthday than letting them drive one of the fastest cars known to man?

Designer Watches
Every person needs to know what time it is. When it comes to little accessories that should be worn, it is often easy to go with one that really impresses – a watch. There are watches that are meant for everyday use and watches that seem to be meant for elegant occasions only.

The best part is that watches can be purchased for both men and women alike. The goal is to find one that she or he will really love.

If you friend likes to go out to eat often or has a very professional job where designer attire is worn, a beautiful watch will surely be welcomed. This may cost a few hundred dollars, but it will be a classic timepiece that will last a lifetime.

Pictures Mean a Thousand Words
There are pictures that you undoubtedly take with your best friend all the time. When it comes to a major birthday such as this, you will want to be able to bring a little bit of the past back to life. This can be done with a picture collage or picture book that shows the two of you through the years.

This can be the both of you at your baby’s first birthday, a ball game or any other memorable event that you simply cannot forget. This is also a very sentimental gift for a woman with children. Being able to look back over their formative years will really make a lasting impression.

Tickets to a Concert or Sporting Event
Concerts and sporting events are a time that every person will remember. The goal is to find the sport or event that the person truly loves to go to, or has always wanted to go see. Perhaps U2 is in town and on tour, or a person can finally see their favorite sport’s team in action.

This is something that you will want to be able to provide for them on their birthday. Remember, you only turn 40 once. There are two options when it comes to tickets.

1. You can go along for the big event and spend the day with the person.
2. You can buy a few tickets for the person and allow them to choose who to bring along.

While it is never a bad idea to invite yourself, it is truly up to the person. If they have kids or a loved one that has always wanted to go to, ensure that you do not harbor any hard feelings. Remember, this is their big day and you are their best friend!

Never let a birthday go by without showing some form of appreciation. Even a card will be the perfect choice for a true friend.
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