70th Birthday Ideas for Mom

Posted on March 21, 2014 by Tijon Employee

Mom will have a plethora of things that she simply loves. When mom hits 70 years old, however, she will have seen more than you can even imagine. This is a major milestone and one wherein she will simply remember forever. Unfortunately, most people do not live to 70, or if they do, they do not have much time left. This means that you need to make this a birthday she will never forget. 70th birthday ideas for mom should be fun, exciting and memorable!

Before we get to the birthday ideas, here is a great example of a memory lane video that was used for one special mom's 70th birthday.

Trip to Vegas

Most people have one thing on their bucket list – a trip to Vegas. The glitz and glam of the lights and the clinking of change will be able to make a person truly feel as if they are in a whole other planet. If mom has always wanted to go to Vegas but could never afford it, you may want to take her.

Obviously, this is meant for people that live in the country, but tourists also go to play in the casinos routinely. Simply book a flight and ensure everyone that is closest to her goes. This means any children and a spouse should definitely be on the list.

Now, plan out an amazing vacation. She will definitely want to go to the casino which should be your very first stop. Afterwards, she will also want to go sightseeing and eat at the Hard Rock Café. Inside of the café, they will also sing happy birthday to her and make the moment even more spectacular.

Beach Party

The beach is a place where a person feels young forever. The crashing of the waves and the sun beating down on a person are more than perfect – it is pristine. This is why so many people choose to have a beach party.

Those with medical conditions may not be able to have this type of party, but others will love it. This can be done by inviting dozens of people and the best part – admission is free or cheap depending on the time of year.

A person should inquire about the beach’s rules to ensure that tables can be setup on the beach so a romantic dinner can be eaten while the sun goes down. If you have the budget, hiring entertainment and catering will definitely be a nice touch.

A beautiful bonfire will also add one more element to the beach party that will definitely leave a lasting impression on every mom during their 70th birthday.

Costume Party

A hip mom will be surprised when she walks through the door to find a costume party taking place. This is a great surprise and one wherein a person will be able to truly be someone, or something else. A costume party is meant to bring about a world of fantasy that truly makes the evening special.

This can be something as simple as dressing up in 1950s attire, or it can be as unique as dressing up as people from the person’s favorite television series. In either case, it will be a time that is truly magical and brings together the best of both worlds.

You must remember to bring the appropriate costume for mom so that she can easily change into something that is a little more suited for the big day.

Opera Night

Sometimes, the best birthday party is one that is very close knit. When it comes to a 70th birthday, older moms really tend to love the arts. This is where opera night may be the absolute best choice. The tricky part is that you may not be able to find a local show that is open on your big day. When this is the case, the party may have to be postponed.

There will be a before dinner that must go along with the event, or an after dinner party depending on the time of day that the opera takes place.

A big must for the event should be that of a rental dress. Your mom needs to look like the star of the show and any old dress will simply not do. Instead, provide her with a beautiful gown that will knock your father’s socks off when she enters the room. There is no need to worry because she will love to dress up and really be in the moment.

The Once-in-a-Lifetime Vacation

Those that have the means can plan a small party that is situated perfectly in a vacation area. This must be the once-in-a-lifetime vacation that a person has always wanted to take. A trip Italy to ride in a gondola in Venice, or a trip to Africa to see a lion in the wild are just a few that come to mind.

This is obviously a full week’s event that will be filled with fun, excitement and everlasting memories. 

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