30th Birthday Gift Ideas for Sister

Posted on March 19, 2014 by Tijon Employee
A person’s 30th is definitely a time in their life when they are unsure of their age. While it is great to be independent and free, it is also very difficult to deal with the fact that you are growing up. When the person is a woman, this is amplified greatly.

This means that their entire world as they know it is changing and they will start to like gifts that are a little less hip than in the past. Thankfully, 30th birthday gift ideas for sisters are meant to be affordable, amazing and sometimes, very expensive. Let’s take a look at some of the ideas from each category.

Typically, electronics fit right into the affordable group, but cell phones and tablets have changed this quite a bit. There are models in every price range, but let’s take a look at some of the best electronics that your sister will truly love.

Cell Phone: From the iPhone to a Nexus, there are phones that she will surely want. While an iPhone can be extremely pricey, there are some affordable phones that are similar in style and won’t break the bank.
Tablets: Another industry dominated by Apple, tablets are an amazing gift. There is obviously the coveted iPad that comes to mind as well as more affordable options, such as the iView. A tablet is great for her as it will allow her to record her baby’s first moments or simply post updates to Facebook.
Cameras: Everyone can make great use out of a camera. Now, cameras also act as video records and are as small as a smartphone. This means that a person can bring a camera anywhere they want to go. While a DSLR may be out of your price range, there are many other options available.

When it comes to electronics, there are great items for him and her. Choosing any one of the above items will be something that she will never forget.

Clothing and Accessories
If you are a man, I would stay away from picking out outfits for your sister. This usually ends up in disaster and can cause a lot of harsh feelings when your thoughtful gifts are returned. A sister buying a gift for her sister’s birthday will find that this is much better suited for them. Let’s take a look at a few clothing and accessory items that she will love.

Boots: Women love to wear Uggs. These are furry, cute boots that are perfect in areas that experience very cold weather throughout the year. There are also knee high boots that a very sexy and fashionable as well as platform boots which may do the trick.
Watches: Every woman deserves a beautiful, classy watch dangling from her wrist. When you buy her a watch, you can choose a small gold watch or one that is adorned with diamonds. Just ensure that the watch chosen is perfect for her.
Purses: When all else fails, there is one thing that she will love – a purse. Women have an affinity with purses and this is universally seen throughout the world. A person can choose anything from a Prada purse which is insanely expensive or a Coach purse which is more realistically priced.

Unique Gifts for Her
Sometimes, there are little gifts that may seem general, but they are something your sister will love. These are typically in the form of gift certificates to her favorite pastime, or a form of pampering. A few great ideas come to mind including:

Spa: A day at the spa is something every sister will enjoy. This allows her to truly relax away the tensions of life and do so in a way that is void of kids or nagging husbands.
Makeover: Sometimes, we tend to forget that 30 is the new 20. This means we simply fall out of style and truly do not want to change out of our old ways. A makeover may turn back time and make her look like the beauty queen she was in college.
Mani-Pedi: A nail salon will have her nails and feet looking better than ever. A mani-pedi is definitely a good idea for the sister that loves to spend her time looking good.
Massage: A gift card to a local massage parlor is another great idea and will allow your sister to melt all of her stresses away. A massage is relaxing, affordable and will definitely make her big day even better.

Sisters have so many different gifts that can be purchased for them. From cute trinkets to jewelry or even gift certificates to a massage parlor, there will be something that she simply adores. If you are close with your sister, you will have a much easier time figuring out exactly what she likes. This will make your ultimate choice for a gift one that is much easier.
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