40th Birthday Gift Ideas for Wife

Posted on March 17, 2014 by Tijon Employee
When your wife turns 40, it will be time for you to completely take charge. While she may say that she doesn’t want anything, this does not ring true. In fact, you can expect a lot of arguing and letdown if you do not celebrate in fashion. Since this is a major milestone, it is essential that you buy her the perfect gift for the occasion. The following 40th birthday gift ideas for a wife will surely sweep her off her feet.

Girl’s Night
When a woman gets older, the last thing that they want to do is remember their age. In fact, most women will lie about their age because they are under the impression that age equals loss in beauty. 

Help her feel young again by paying for a girl’s night out. Simply allow her best friend to have a certain, limited, budget to take her out on the town. This means a birthday without you, but it is a gift that she will never forget. While this may not be as traditional as other mentioned gifts, it is surely one of the best choices.

Birthstone Earrings
Women love jewelry. This is the one gift that can be given to a 20 year old and an 80 year old woman alike. The glitter of gold and beautiful jewels is a timeless classic that she will never forget. When it comes to traditional birthday gifts, one idea comes to mind – earrings.

Birthstone earrings are a safe choice as are diamond earrings. These are earrings that include the famous birthstone that corresponds with a person’s birth month. There are various charts online that will indicate which stone matches your wife’s birthday. Don’t be surprised when you see some birthdays have more than one stone. 

A Puppy
If the kids are just leaving the house and going off to college, it is a safe bet that your wife feels a little lonely. This is a time where a mother will not know what to do with herself. Instead of letting her dwell on what she has lost, allow her to be truly happy by bringing an animal home that really needs her care.

The word puppy is used loosely in this case. An animal of any age will surely do the trick. There are plenty of choices available from cute little pugs to golden retrievers that listen intently to every command given.  If you wife has a preference, try your utmost to find her perfect breed. A dog is a lasting gift that will come with its own personality and quirks.

A Day of Pampering
Every wife wants to be pampered on her big day. A birthday is never a better time to pull out all the stops and pamper her to your heart’s content. This can be a very simple gesture, such as buying her a massage and a full makeover. 

However, you can also do this on a budget and in a way that is more meaningful than she could have imagined. This means:
Waking her up to breakfast in bed.
Bringing her to her favorite restaurant for lunch. If it is summer or spring, opt for a picnic.
Dinner should be her favorite meal cooked by you.
All of her daily house chores should be your responsibility.

Oftentimes, this gift of appreciation will be more welcomed than any diamond or rose could ever be. After all, she will always cherish the love that the two of you share together.

Hobby Classes
Every person has that one interest that they never really pursued to the fullest extent. When it comes to a woman, this can be virtually anything from sewing to hiking or even playing the piano. There are limitless possibilities when it comes to a person’s hobbies and they are all very thoughtful and unique.

Local classes are always available for most common hobbies. This is a place wherein she will learn more about her hobby with the help of a professional that has been doing what she loves for years.

Oftentimes, women neglect the simple necessities that they need throughout the years. One of these necessities is surely something that you will both enjoy – perfume. Women often have a laundry list of perfumes that they simply must have.

The goal is to buy her at least one of these perfumes on her birthday. While this can be given in conjunction with another gift, it is often a very affordable option to choose.

When it comes to gift ideas, there is never a shortage to be found. Women will have a myriad of wants throughout the year that their significant other should pay attention to. The truth is that she will love anything that comes from the heart. This can be clothes, shoes, jewelry or even a night out at a musical.
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