75th Birthday Gift Ideas for Mom or Dad

Posted on March 12, 2014 by Tijon Employee
People are living longer. With modern medicine and people being more health conscious, it is not uncommon to reach 70 years old. However, reaching 75 years of age is still a major feat. A person has been alive for three quarters of a century and will deserve a birthday that they will never forget. While some of these 75th birthday gift ideas will be expensive, they will be well deserved at this age.

A Walk Down Memory Lane
Every person was born and grew up somewhere. When a person moves away from their child hood home, this is the one place that they will never forget. Oftentimes, a person may not get to visit the city in which they called home for so many years.

A trip down memory lane is something that will put life into a person on this momentous occasion. Instead of being upset or depressed, they will be able to see what has changed since their departure. This can be that their former home is now a shopping center, or that the home is still standing just as they remembered it.  If a person has friends in the area, gather them together and have a day where they can still remember the past. In fact, getting together friends at this age is one of the best memories a person can ever have. It is highly recommended and a time wherein a person will be happy to see their old best friends.

Before your departure, you must bring them to their favorite restaurant or hangout location. This is a great way to end a walk down memory lane and is a necessity. This is the ultimate gift and one that will never be forgotten.

Oak Chess Set
More of a gift for him, old chess sets are always a big hit. These chess sets can be made out of oak or maple. While expensive, if a person loves chess, one of these elegant sets will be more than welcomed. In fact, a chess set is listed as one of the best gift ideas for the older gentleman.

If you want to go the extra mile, you can also have the set engraved. This allows you to engrave their name and their birthday onto the set. If they have someone that they play with often, a chess set will be the ideal way for them to have a little more social time scheduled into their week.

Picture Collage
Pictures are the best way to visualize our memories. While some people keep intricate photo albums, others will have all of their most important pictures scattered around. Instead, create a beautiful photo collage that a person can hang up in their home.

These collages are great because you can create them right online and print them out as well. The goal is to highlight the best moments of a person’s life. This may be their wedding day or it may even be the birth of their grandchildren.

Tickets to the Opera
The opera is something that gets better with age. The gift of two opera tickets allows the person to bring their spouse or friend along for the great occasion. Every major city will have an opera in town every year and it is more than acceptable to give this gift to someone reaching 75 years old.

Gym Membership
Have you noticed older folks attending the gym lately? This is a growing trend and one that will continue to grow. Gym memberships allow an older person to defy age and do so in a way that is also social.

Oftentimes, a person will meet some of their best friends at the gym and going to workout is just another activity they can partake in away from their home. While everyone has their own level of activity at this age, it is amazing to see just how strong and active a person will become after going to the gym.

Spa Day
Men and women alike will welcome a day at the spa. This means not only a haircut, but also a nice relaxing massage. This allows a person to be pampered throughout the whole day and feel as if they are on top of the world. A good day at the spa is also very affordable.

Ballroom Dancing
Dancing of any kind is welcomed during a birthday. However, the exotic dancing of the younger crowd is not something a person this age will appreciate. Instead, they will want something a little more elegant and relaxing.

Slow ballroom dancing is one of the ideal 75th birthday gift ideas because it really brings out the youth of a person. Allowing a person to dance the night away with their sweetheart will provide a memory that they thought they would never be able to fulfill at this tender age.
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