45th Birthday Party Ideas for Her

Posted on March 10, 2014 by Tijon Employee
A woman will be elated to have a birthday party at any age. When it comes to a person’s 45th birthday, they will be more than happy to celebrate in style. This means that you can choose virtually anything and a person will find it touching and thoughtful. However, there are some birthday party ideas that are bland and some that will make a person’s birthday one that is talked about all year long. There are many 45th birthday party ideas, but these are our top 4 choices that she will be sure to love.

Photo Party
Remembering the past is only a good idea when you can also remember the present. A photo party will still have cake, food and music, but it will also have pictures that others have brought for a trip down memory lane. With a photo party, it is possible to not only bring in older photos, but commemorate the night in style.

A photobooth is one of the latest trends and deemed a necessity now. These booths can be rented for the night and will allow everyone to go in the booth together and take pictures. Oftentimes, there will also be costumes available and props as well. This is a fun and goofy way to throw a party. If possible, it is also recommended that all of the pictures are duplicated and put into an album for the person. This will allow the birthday girl to have a photo album that allows her to remember all of her friends, family and past experiences.
Karaoke Party
While not something for everyone, if a person is a social butterfly, karaoke will be a big hit. It is not that a person has to sing good, but more of a time of laughter. Let’s face it, most people sound terrible when they sing, but it does make for a good laugh.

This party can be done at a person’s home or at a bar where karaoke is a part of the atmosphere. With a few drinks, you will be surprised at who has the passion to belt it out – even if they are timid.  Karaoke parties are a great way for her to be able to sing the night away. When a lot of people gather together, a karaoke party will be one of the most fun parties a person will ever remember. Just don’t forget to invite friends and family along.

Elegant Dinner Party
We have heard of some pretty outgoing ideas, but nothing too elegant so far. Long beautiful dresses and gowns are something that every woman will love to wear. With the men in suits or tuxedos, this will be a moment that is the pinnacle of a woman’s life.  The idea is to either rent a hall or find a venue that has elegant dinner party themes. This means that a person will be able to dance, eat and be around all of the people that they love the most. This is almost like a wedding – minus the cost.

Ideally, all of the guests will pay for their own meal or table at the party. This is often given in lieu of a traditional gift and is much appreciated. This way, there is no need to worry about the venue or the cost of food being too much.  The only downside of this type of party is that it will be impossible for it to be a surprise. A gown will have to be fitted for her, which will give away the idea.

Toga Parties
Everyone wishes they were invited to a toga party. These parties are filled with fun, laughter and a slew of wine. Thankfully, most people will be more than happy to have one of these parties thrown in their favor. Since it is her birthday, you must bring along some items to ensure that she stands out.

Bangals – These beautiful pieces of jewelry were worn by the social elite at the time.
Crowns – Royalty used to wear ornate crowns that were made of flowers.
Pendants – Beautiful pendants were once worn on togas and are sure to be a major hit at the party.

This is also a time when classic Roman or Greek music will be a big hit. Obviously, a person will have to like history a bit to have this party, but it is one that they will surely never forget.

There are a plethora of 45th birthday party ideas that can never be put into a list. These are the ones based on a person’s own hobbies and passions. If a person loves animals, a day at the zoo or getting the chance to pet a baby tiger may be better than anything mentioned. The goal is to ensure that the person’s own passions are present at this time and that it will be possible to spend time with friends and loved ones.
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