7 Fantastic Sixteenth Birthday Party Ideas for Girls

Posted on March 05, 2014 by Tijon Employee
For teens, turning 16 is a major milestone. At this age, most teens have their license and are gaining more independence. A “sweet 16” party celebrates a teen’s transition into adulthood. Although there are plenty of lavish and over-the-top party ideas, you can throw an unforgettable birthday bash without draining your bank account. Below are 7 sixteenth birthday party ideas that your teen is sure to love.

Tiffany Party
A Tiffany-themed party will appeal to any girl and gives you a theme you can easily work with. Everything from the décor to the cake should be in the signature Tiffany blue color. Guests can slip their cards into an oversized Tiffany’s box and a “sweets” bar can be set up with black and white accenting colors. This type of theme works great for a party where guests will be served a meal. Tiffany blue table linens with antique silverware can really take the party from ordinary to glamorous. Even the party favors can be given in cute little Tiffany boxes. 

Here's a great video of a Tiffany themed party.

A masquerade party can be as fun and glamorous as your budget allows. This is definitely a formal party idea, but one that most teens will love. Each guest will be asked to wear a masquerade mask along with their dress or suit. Try to encourage your guests to wear period style clothing to really stay true to the masquerade theme.

The great thing about this party idea is that there are so many great options for venues and décor. From masquerade mask cupcakes to giant feather centerpieces, this is an idea that can be as elegant or fun as you like. 

Spa Weekend
If your teen is more interested in having a smaller party with her closest friends, a spa weekend is a great idea. You can choose to either send the girls away to an actual spa for the weekend, or you can recreate the spa experience in your own home and allow the girls to enjoy an extended slumber party. The latter idea is a bit more budget-friendly and probably better suited for teens. 

Supply each guest with their own robe, pair of flip flops and towel. The girls can take turns giving each other manicures, pedicures and facials. They can also take turns doing each other’s hair and makeup. You can either ask the girls to bring their own supplies, or you can provide them. Part of what makes this party idea so much fun is that the girls have a chance to gossip and bond with each other.  

Beach Party
For summer birthdays, a beach party is a great idea, especially if you are on a tight budget. Pack up some cold food and drink in a cooler and have the guests meet you at the beach. Sandwiches and finger foods work best for this type of party. If your budget allows, you can bring the guests out to lunch. Aside from food and drink, you can also pack up a beach ball or a football for guests to play with. As for party favors, pack up some beach-friendly items for your guests. This can include sunscreen, a towel, magazine and a pair of flip flops. 

For a more sophisticated and formal party, a luncheon is a great choice. This can be hosted at a local restaurant, hotel or you can host the party in your home. While you may hire some entertainment, luncheons are typically more about creating conversation between guests. Make sure that the birthday boy or girl is okay with the idea beforehand.

To make the party a bit more teen-friendly, you can add fun elements like a candy bar (a play on the “sweet” 16 idea) or set up a “mocktail” bar. Another fun idea is to set up a guest book for each guest to sign and leave a message in. 

Mad Hatter Party
If your teen is a fan of Alice in Wonderland, a Mad Hatter themed party would be fun. If the weather permits, you can host the party outdoors. Set up one long table for guests to enjoy a cup of tea and some lunch. Add quirky and fun Mad Hatter-themed centerpieces and ask guests to dress up for the event. Don’t forget to supply them with their very own Mad Hatter hat. 

Luaus are great for summer parties. If you have a pool, you can host the party in your backyard. Many rec centers also allow you to rent out their space for parties. During the luau, you can host hula hoop and limbo contests. Make sure there’s plenty of music, games, food and drink to keep your guests in the party spirit. The great thing about a Luau is that it’s the perfect theme for both boys and girls, or a co-ed party.
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