5 Great Fiftieth Birthday Party Ideas for Women and Men

Posted on March 03, 2014 by Tijon Employee
A person only turns 50 once. While many people know the year will come and go, there is truly something special when a person turns 50. Not only have they lived for half a century, but they have hit one of the biggest birthday milestones around. This is a time when the person is still in good health and age hasn’t hindered their mobility. This means that for a fiftieth birthday, a person should do their utmost to make the day one that the person will never forget. Here are a few fiftieth birthday party ideas that are sure to make this day one that is filled with fun, laughter and surprises.

Rent a Hall
Renting a hall will be necessary if a lot of people want to come and celebrate the big day.  This is a time of rejoice and skimping on the accommodations is simply not possible. Instead, you can rent a hall for rather cheap during the offseason, or even rent a hall in a firehouse. With this, you can further add a DJ that will play current and past popular music and even hire a caterer if there is enough money in your budget.

If you cannot afford catering, there is one simple solution – ask guests to bring a dish. Ideally, you can make up a complete list of items and foods that you will want to have. Once this is done, ask each and every guest to bring one dish. This is a very cost effective way to get everyone involved in the big day.

Antique Theme Party
A person has seen the world change greatly over the past 50 years. Not only has the world changed for the better, we often leave the styles we like the most behind. Instead, why not bring the past back for one special evening? This is something that can be done for rather cheap and will be a welcomed addition.
This means everyone can wear clothes that were worn in the 60s and the DJ can play disco music. You can ensure that the night is a hit by renting a venue that deals with themed parties. If you really do not know what to do, there are party planners that are more than willing to help you make a person’s 50th one to remember.

A few great ideas are:
Bellbottom jeans
Tie dye shirts

The 1960s were a time of peace, love and hippies. Bringing this back for just one more night will be a hit no matter what person’s birthday is being celebrated.

Family BBQ
If a person has children or relatives that they never get to see, a barbeque may be the best choice. Why are barbeques frequently used for birthdays? The idea of a barbeque is simple, but there is much more than meets the eye. Many people think this is simply a cheaper way to throw a party. However, that is not the case.

Barbeques are less expensive, but the goal is to bring friends and family together. If a father or mother hasn’t seen their best friends or children for years, they will be elated if they come to their BBQ. The idea is that people get to mingle much more at this time than with another venue or other types of parties.

Night Out on the Town
If this 50 year old is hip and acts much younger than their true age, there is nothing wrong with one last big adventure. This means going from one club or bar after another. This is a way to remember a time when a person was much younger and had the energy of a teenager.

Now, simply rent a party bus or go with a limo to every venue you enjoy. This will have to be done on your best judgment as this will definitely not be something for everyone. If the person used to visit clubs and bars often or still does, making a party last all night will surely be the right choice.

Amusement Park
If a person has grandkids, they will surely want to spend the day with them. A good way to go about this is to choose an amusement park that everyone will enjoy. Simply send your loved ones there and ask any guests to pay their own entrance fee.

This means that the person will be able to have the thrill of rollercoasters, drinks, ice cream and anything else at their disposal. With the addition of grandkids, this will make the day one that will never be forgotten.

More often than not, a birthday is all about appealing to the person and being with the ones they cherish the most. Ensuring that a person has a good time is more about bringing everyone together than it is the venue or activities seen.
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