Thirtieth Birthday Party Ideas for Men and Women

Posted on February 26, 2014 by Tijon Employee
A person’s thirtieth birthday is one where they are really just settling into life. This is a milestone that really shows the beginning of a great life ahead. While 20 is great, a person is not set in their career or love life for that matter. While a person may not be set at 30, they are likely far closer than they were at 20. This has to be a birthday of a lifetime and we have some thirtieth birthday ideas that are sure to make a lasting impression.

Surprise Party
More of a tradition, a surprise party is a great way to have a party that is simple, yet perfect. Invite everyone over to the person’s house or their favorite restaurant and be sure to park far away. This way, the person will not know that anyone else but you was waiting for them. You will not be able to walk the person through the door while everyone yells surprise. If the person has family members that live far away, they will be the most important ones to invite.

Beach Paradise
Going to spend the day at the beach with a dozen friends is perfect when a person is younger. This should be done, ideally, without any kids involved so that everyone can truly enjoy the day and relax. This is a great choice because you have so many different options available. Just a few of the options include:

Food: Have a huge picnic on the beach and bring everyone with you. This is a great time and a cooler will be needed. Ensure that you bring a cake along as well as some wine to drink. 

Volleyball: Many beaches will have a volleyball net or court wherein you can play for free. This is a great way to spend the day especially if the person is athletic. This breaks up baking in the sun and is sure to work up an appetite.

Football: Girls and guys alike will love to have fun with a little football on the beach. This should not be a tackle game, but mere passing and catching. With the waves crashing in the background, this is an experience that a person will truly cherish.

Snorkel: If the temperature is right, snorkeling may be in the cards. This will ensure that everyone is able to have fun and view some wildlife in the process.

Surfing Lessons: If a person has always loved the ocean and wants to really get out there, surfing lessons will be a great way to make their 30th one to remember.

Going to the beach is something that every person, young and old, will enjoy on their birthday – regardless of the year.

Club Party
Clubbing is still a part of life when a person is in their 30s. The times of going to the club seem to keep being extended so that a person can have an amazing time all throughout their lives. These are not the same clubs that teens go to, but they will be filled with people 25 – 40 in most cases. This allows a person to mingle with different age groups and dance the night away.

The great thing about a club is that you can invite everyone along, but they will have to pay for themselves. If one club is mediocre, this means you can simply pick up and go to another one. While we all think that we are getting too old for the club, it is a great reminder of just how young we truly are.

Couples Party
If you and your partner are more of a relaxed couple, there is no need for a party at all. Oftentimes, bringing the person for a weekend getaway will be much more fun than spending it with friends that hardly call. 

Bed and Breakfast: Just hours away from your home may be a whole new world of excitement. A bed and breakfast will be able to provide you with a lot of fun and a relaxed weekend that the person will enjoy.

2-day Cruise: A two day cruise is short, yet relaxing. These cruises are not meant to go anywhere but right off shore. The fun comes from all of the activities found on board and the fact that you do not have to cook at all.

Couples have a lot of other choices as well. A night at a concert or going to your favorite museum may be more special than spending the night in a club or with friends.

A person’s 30th birthday is one where their life is really just starting. Ensure that you choose something that the person will love and allow yourself time to plan. More often than not, you will find that your 30s are more fun than your younger parties were.
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