80th Birthday Party Ideas for Mom

Posted on February 24, 2014 by Tijon Employee
A person’s 80th birthday is one of the biggest milestones possible. Without sounding too pessimistic, this is a birthday that is rarely seen. A person that is 80 or older is very lucky to still be around. When this person is a mother, it is even more important to ensure that they have a birthday that they will never forget. It is hard to figure out what to give a person that has seen so much during their lifetime. A party is the optimal choice, but there are so many options that it can become confusing. Let’s examine some 80th birthday party ideas for mom that will surely bring a smile to her face.

Travel Party
This is something that not everyone will be able to afford, but having a plan to go traveling with the entire family is something that no mother will ever forget. There is surely a time when a mother will have wanted to visit an exotic location. Well, what better time to have an experience of a lifetime than when you are 80 – right? 

Cruise: The idea of a cruise is one that everyone will enjoy. A fun cruise will allow a person and their family to truly relax. Think of somewhere warm and exciting that they will want to go. Since there is little walking and a ton of relaxation, a person will find that a cruise may supply them with an experience where they are pampered like never before in their life.

International: Has your mother always wanted to go to Rome or Paris? If so, this is the right time to take a trip. Obviously, not everyone will be able to come along, but make sure those that truly matter have tickets. This will be an expensive vacation, but it will be one wherein a person is able to experience what life in another country is like.

Las Vegas: Did you know that most people never get to go to Las Vegas before they die? For anyone living in America, this is one city that has to be visited. In fact, older people polled state that they want to go to Vegas as one of their top wishes before they die. Let them enjoy themselves and make it a family outing. A little gambling and sightseeing will surely be a great choice.

Before making any final plans, it is essential to ensure that the person is in good health. If they are not in good health, they may not be able to do any traveling. This means that this idea will simply not be a good one.

Family Reunion
When was the last time you and your entire family got together to be with mom? More often than not, you will probably find that the last time was a wedding or funeral. This is a horrible reality that comes to each and every person once in their life. All too often we neglect to see the people that we love the most throughout our lives. Instead, do not let this be the case.

A family reunion to commemorate a person’s 80th birthday is one that will forever be appreciated. The goal is to bring everyone to your home or your mother’s home for a party. If you have a big family, you can rent out space at a park or find a park that allows visitors for free. Make an entire day out of it and be sure to bring along food. If the weather is nice, have an outdoor reunion wherein everyone can laugh, eat and have fun the whole night long.

Themed Party
There are numerous themed party ideas, but for a mom that has reached this milestone, it is time to bring back the past to have them relive it. This means picking a decade that they like. The 20s – 60s are always a safe bet. Now, you will need to find some vintage décor, food and other items to be able to pull this off perfectly. The goal is to really bring back the memories of a time when a person was much younger.

A Day at the Ocean
If your mom loves going to the beach, they will surely love to spend the day near the ocean. This is a time of true tranquility and one wherein a person will be able to relax, laugh and really regain their youth. The whole family can come if the ocean is close, or you can send her to the Florida Keys or San Diego to be able to view a truly beautiful ocean.

There are a plethora of 80th birthday party ideas for mom, but anything from the heart will surely be welcomed. This will allow a mom to know that they are loved and be able to show just how much they mean to you.
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