Nine Great 50th Birthday Centerpiece Ideas

Posted on February 19, 2014 by Tijon Employee
You have rented a hall or choose to have a person’s 50th birthday at your home. In either case, this is a time when a person is now going to be reaching the dreaded “over the hill.” This is typically the time when a person will be quite mad at jokes, but wise enough to know that their loved ones mean no harm. If you have got everything prepared, there may be one thing you didn’t think of - 50th birthday centerpiece ideas. A centerpiece can make the entire party change its focal point and will provide the wow factor that every 50th birthday needs.

Flower Vases
Flowers are the universal gift, but they work extremely well as centerpieces too. Ideally suited for women, flower vases filled with beautiful roses or a person’s favorite flowers will be the perfect choice. These centerpieces can be used for any special occasion, but they are the one type of centerpiece that will never go out of style. A person that chooses flower vases will find that they provide the perfect ambiance to set the night’s mood.

Vintage Sign
There are many vintage looking centerpieces that will work well for a person that has hit the half century mark. These centerpieces are often black and red with white writing. Think of the color of coke with the fancy writing that is seen written on the older bottles. These will say the person’s age as well as some other neat sayings. Amazon has a plethora of these vintage centerpieces and they are all very affordable.

The 50 Tree
Some colored paper can go a long way when it comes to a centerpiece. The goal is to make multicolored steams that look as if they were part of a tree. These are essentially branches with this design. Now, cut up the number 50 on some of them and allow them to hang. This is done to make it look like a tree with branches and leaves that say 50 on them. This is an ultra-cheap way to make a beautiful centerpiece that every person will definitely appreciate.

Champagne Basket
Kick the night off with a good bottle of champagne. This will likely be placed in a basket right in the middle of the table. This is a great way to keep the party going and is something that every person will enjoy. Fill up the container with some ice to keep the drink cold.

Large single candles or an assortment of candles that are lit are never a bad choice for a centerpiece. If you have large glass candle holders, placing rocks or nuts in them will certainly add to the ambiance. The idea is to bring a classy, natural look out. Candles of any type can be used, but larger candles are normally best as they will be able to stay lit all night without worrying about them burning too low.

One of the easiest 50th birthday centerpiece ideas of all are hanging balloons. These balloons can be silver or they can have the word “birthday” or “happy 50th” written on them. These balloons can be very affordable and will surely make a lasting impression. 

A large cake in the middle of the table will really bring attention to the room. This cake can obviously not be ice cream, but it can be a layered cake that is delicious. If the cake does not need to be refrigerated, this is the perfect choice.

Candy Jars
If a person likes candy, who doesn’t, they will surely enjoy a fancy candy jar centered on the table. This can be a colorful assortment of lollipops, or it can be something as elegant as a Ferrero Rocher candy that is piled up like a pyramid. This is a great option and one that is very affordable too.

A person that has reached this milestone will surely have pictures of themselves that have been taken throughout the decades. Beautiful frames can turn these pictures into a centerpiece as well as a gift. The idea is to provide different pictures on every table so that people walk around to talk about the past. Ideally, you will put these in order by year so that the birthday boy or girl has a timeline which they can follow around the room. Pictures are always able to be gathered from friends and family if you are worried about ruining the surprise. As the saying goes, “a picture says a thousand words.”

The centerpiece that is made by hand will be much more appreciated than one that is bought, but it is also more time consuming to provide. Many online retailers will sell these centerpieces for fairly cheap and they also are assorted by birthday years so that they can match a person’s 50th with ease.

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