4 Best Hiking Trails in La Jolla

Posted on February 14, 2014 by Tijon Employee
La Jolla is nestled along the Pacific shore side of San Diego area offer many sites and attractions to locals and visitors alike. Families can participate in a variety of hiking and walking trails along the Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve. These offer great options to take in the local cliff lined Black’s Beach and spot ocean marine life. Some of the best hikes are less than two miles and take an average of an hour to explore. Available all year round, the following list of trails are great options for those looking to take in the ocean air.

1. Razor Point
This hiking trail is highlighted by the coastal beauty and takes you through Red Butte and Razor Point where you can stop and take in the coastal overlook. The approximate distance is 1.3 miles in length with the highest elevation at 250 feet. Located out and back, this trail is well maintained and situated right next to the UCSD campus with easy access to the road and freeway. 

2. Yucca Point
This hiking trail is located in conjunction to Razor Point and takes a tour through Torrey Pines by the Coastal Scrublands and Coastal Vista. With a total distance of 1.25 miles round trip, the hike time is approximately an hour with the highest elevation placed at 200 feet. If you hike along, you can easily access the beach not visible from the road. A variety of wildlife, plants, and natural beauty is found along the way.

3. Guy Fleming Trail
The Guy Fleming Trail is a short trail located along the coastal overlooking where you can preview the beach goers below while grabbing some sun and beauty. A perfect walk for children and families, total round trip distance is only .75 miles and takes a half hour to tour. A loop style trail, the South Overlook available along here is a chosen spot for many small weddings. On a clear day, hikers can find the Santa Catalina Islands from the coastal overlook and even spot whales or dolphins when in season.

4. Parry Grove
The Parry Grove trail is a great pick for botanists and offers a half mile loop within Torrey Pine Natural Reserve. Dating back to the 1870’s, this trail goes along an oceanfront slope to 100 steps towards the oldest grove located at Torrey Pines. Sitting benches are available and allow visitors to overlook the canyon within a deep rugged gorge. The trail begins at the Whitaker Memorial Native Plant Garden.

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