7 Cheap but Romantic Valentine’s Day Ideas

Posted on February 12, 2014 by Tijon Employee
Valentine’s Day is a day of love and passion. When two people share a life together, they will want to express their love in any manner possible. This is a day that is set aside just to show your special someone how much you care about them. However, every couple can have their own financial struggles and when money is tight, you will want to have a few cheap but romantic Valentine’s Day ideas that scream love – without the hefty price tag.

Indoor or Outdoor Picnic
Outdoor picnics simply require some time and a bit of food preparation. If an outdoor picnic cannot happen because of the current weather, you can take your outdoor picnic indoors next to a nice cozy fire. There will be a plethora of essential items to bring along to make the moment just right for her, or him.

Drinks: Wine is great for adults, but soda or sparkling water will also suffice.
Dessert: A chocolate cake, cookies or brownies are great dessert options that do not need to be kept cold.
Entrée: For the main course, stick with something that can be eaten cold. Salads, subs and various other sandwiches are great options for a picnic.

Music Compilation
Do you remember the first song that you two heard together? How about the song that describes the way that you feel about the person? In fact, there are thousands of little moments where music is playing and you and your loved one are doing something special. By making a music compilation of all of your favorite songs as a couple, this will show just how thoughtful and caring that you truly are. While this may not suffice for older couples, it is a cute idea for teens that find every moment to be extraordinarily special.

A Day at the Park
Sometimes, the one gift that we forget to give is the easiest of them all – our time. A day at the park can be especially romantic and is free to do at any time. If you live in a major city, such as Manhattan, there are sure to be parks around you that go well beyond swings and slides. Central Park, for instance, is filled with beautiful flowers, landscapes and areas where the two of you can sit down and snuggle. With eateries surrounding most parks, you can grab a bite to eat and watch the wildlife all afternoon.

Vintage Photograph
Many boardwalks and malls will have a place where the two of you can go and take a step back in time. The norm is to be seen in what can only be described as the attire of the 1800s. This may mean a very tight corset with a long dress for her and a cowboy hat with a gun for him. These pictures are taken to look grainy and will provide the exact style photograph that one would expect from this era. This is a great gift idea that can be framed and placed as the focal point of any room.

Romantic Movie Night
Romance movies appeal to “her” more than “him,” but they are a great way for any man to give into the passionate side that they have. A long night of watching loving movies is inexpensive and will allow you two to share a true moment of bonding. If you are not into these types of movies, they can also be a strong reminder of just how silly the romance is in movies and how real the romance the you two have truly is.

Midnight Star Watching
Star watching is something that most of us fail to do. At one time, people used to glance up at the stars and realize just how vast the universe is. Stars are mystical and beautiful. In fact, they are the perfect idea for anyone that wants to be able to express their love in a way that simply resonates with the heavens. Many cities have quaint little places where couples can either overlook the skyline or they can glance up at the stars and see the heavens above. This, along with a snack-filled basket, can make a long night of star watching that he or she will never forget.

Nighttime Walk at the Beach
One of the most popular cheap but romantic Valentine’s Day ideas is a simple walk on the beach. Watching the waves crash against the shore is romantic enough, but when you add in the stars above, this can be a picturesque evening that is filled with romance. Those that do not live near the ocean will be able to provide the very same ambiance with a lake or pond. With a full moon up above, it will be the perfect time to walk along the beach and discuss the love that you two share with one another.
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