9 Best Bike and Kayak Tours in La Jolla

Posted on February 07, 2014 by Tijon Employee
If you are looking for a little escape, enthrall yourself with participating in one of the many tour offerings available in La Jolla for biking or kayaking. The stunning coastal sites will mesmerize you while offering a healthy level of activity.  A selection of the best biking tour locations and kayaking tours are listed below for local familiarity.

Lasting for approximately 2 and a half hour, bike riders can participate in tours all year round as weather permits and partake on 12 to 14 miles of biking fun. Through Bike and Kayak Tours, Inc. in La Jolla, you can order your next bike adventure directly to your hotel’s doorstep. Partake in your own self-tour of the surrounding San Diego area or bike ride through a quick ride in La Jolla. 
Current Rate: Starts at $39 a person.

A perfect option for families and children ages 6 and up with no experience needed. Kayaking through the 7 caves in La Jolla is available all year round and starts every hour from 9:00am to sunset. A typical tour lasts 90 minutes and provides a guided experience filled with exploration of local sea cliffs and caves. Travel through the La Jolla Ecological Reserve and visit Sunny Jim’s Cave, The Arch Cave, Clam’s Cave, and other unique formations. Participants may encounter sea lions, leopard sharks, the occasional dolphin, and other sought out marine life. 
Current Rate: Starts at $39 a person.

The kayak and snorkel tour is a unique experience combining the best of both worlds. Glide and experience the 7 caves of La Jolla and stop to dive in and snorkel below with the Garibaldi. The average duration of this tour is 2 and a half hour. Certified guides ensure to notify you of the hidden wildlife and maintain your safety throughout your tour. Perfect for ages 10 and up. Participants must be able to swim. 
Current Rate: Starting at $49 a person.

This 90 minute tour includes the Original Kayak Tour through La Jolla’s ecological reserve and the 7 caves at the most peaceful time of day. Become captivated with the sites and beauty during sunset. This tour is available through La Jolla Kayak. 
Current Rate: Starts at $35 for a single person, $49 for double.

The La Jolla eco-friendly whale watching kayak tour is the best way to capture a glimpse of these California gray whales as they travel along the coast line. The average tour lasts for two and a half hours and is led by an experienced guide in wildlife. Operated twice daily from mid-December through the end of the season. Wetsuits are provided with this tour. 
Current Rate: Starts at $59 for a single person, $89 for double.

Appropriate for ages 16 and older, this biking tour captures the spectacular beauty of La Jolla and the Pacific Coastline while spotlighting the amazing charm of the local area. The average length of time is 2 hours. 
Current Rate: $40 a person.

This combo package takes the best of both worlds. It features the Soledad Slide Bike Tour for 2 hours with the 1.5 hours Original La Jolla Kayak Tour for a total of 3.5 hours of fun. Reservations can be made the same day. 
Current Rate: $60 for a single person, $139 for double.

A perfect tour for all levels of bikers age 14 and up, featuring stunning views and highlights many of San Diego’s most famous landmarks. The tour begins at the top of Mount Soledad with a 360 degree view of the entire coastline. Join the expert naturalist guide and travel down the mountain along the coast for an average duration of 2.5 hours. Tours are held daily and year round, including the use of a multi-speed hybrid type bicycle. 
Current Rate: $40 a person.

This 2 hour bike tour is similar to the Plunge Bike Tour but is available to those who wish to avoid the initial downhill travel of the other tour. Cruise along the coastline and check out some of the premier landmarks available from the Sea Caves and famous surfing breaks. This tour is available year round for groups and families with children ages 14 and up.
Current Rate: $40 a person. 
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