6 Valentine’s Day Ideas for Long Distance Relationships

Posted on February 05, 2014 by Tijon Employee
Long distance relationships are very trying. Whether a person is in their teens or they have reconnected with a loved one that lives across seas later in life, the distance between you can be extremely frustrating. In fact, many people will shy away from these types of relationships because there is simply too much heartache that is found with a love that you never get to see. However, when you can make it last, it can make the relationship even more beautiful than one could have imagined. When it comes to Valentine’s Day ideas for long distance relationships, there are some sparse options that can make the holiday truly special when you are forced to be apart.

A Surprise Visit
The best gift of them all is to jump on a plane, get into a car or take a train to be with your special someone on Valentine’s Day. A surprise visit is always the best way to keep a relationship going strongly no matter how much distance may be between the two of you. This has to be done with the utmost privacy so that the surprise is truly a surprise. Do not mention this to your loved one’s friends or family members to avoid them letting your secret slip. If possible, try to make the visit at least 3 days long so that the both of you can have an extended day filled with love.

Flower Delivery
The tried and true gift that is sent to millions of women per year will always be welcomed – flowers. With flowers, a bouquet of red roses will definitely do the trick. If you want, you can also choose the recipient’s favorite type of flowers to send to them. This will also include a place to leave a message which should always be filled out with all of the thought and care in the world. If you let your emotions take over, you may even let the “L word” slip. 

The rule of thumb is to always send flowers from a local vendor so that you never have to worry about wilted flowers arriving on the big day. Oftentimes, vendors will also have the addition of candies or teddy bears available. If you have the extra money to afford these little extras, they will certainly be welcomed by the recipient.

A Night of Skype
Just because you cannot be with the person physically does not mean that you cannot see them. Many people have turned to video chats to be able to speak and see the ones that they love. If possible, schedule an hour long Skype session, or any other video streaming service will work as well. This is a way to say that you are sorry that you could not join them, but you are there in the best way that is currently possible. This is both free and fun to do at all times.

Fly Them to You
A nice trip to see you may be in order if you cannot go to see your loved one. If you have a very hectic schedule but your partner can make accommodations, a nice flight out to spend the big day with you may be the best option. This is an idea that is not able to be done as a surprise, but it is one that will be welcomed. If possible, ask the person ahead of time so that you can both make the appropriate arrangements. If there is no reason to fly, a paid taxi or train ticket will also suffice and be welcomed.

Send Homemade Food
Depending on how much distance is between the both of you, sending homemade food may be an option to consider. This is a way to really get into the occasion and do so without having to spend a lot of money.  The only major concern will be that of getting the food to your significant other in a timely manner. In some cases, this can be done with the regular postal office. In other cases, a premium shipment may be in order. The safest bet is to bake goods instead of providing a normal meal. These items will stay fresh longer and will be a sweet treat for them when they open their package.

Change the Date
One of the sweetest Valentine’s Day ideas for long distance relationships is the changing of the date. There are no rules set in stone that say that the day can only be celebrated on February 14th. Instead, make a new date up to spend the day together. This is a great way for couples to keep things new and exciting at all times. With a change of the date, it is possible to make arrangements to be together, spend the night out on the town or simply relax together and make a home cooked meal.

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