Nerdy Valentine's Day Gifts

Posted on January 24, 2014 by Tijon Employee
Not everyone likes sports or even the same things that you or I may like. In fact, some of the very activities that we all enjoy would be deemed as “nerdy” to others. With this in mind, a couple can provide each other with truly unique gifts that they can share together with laughs if they know what their counterpart truly likes. After all, your partner will love all of you – even your nerdy side. Below are a few nerdy Valentine's Day gifts that will be affordable and truly unique.

3-D Cards
Did you know that 3-D cards are now a thing? These cards may not be found at your local Hallmark store, but they can be purchased right online. The norm is for someone to buy a 3-D card that is in the form of a heart to give to their loved one. This is a truly thoughtful gift for one simple reason – it is very unique. If you don’t mind showing your loving side, this is a great, nerdy gift that every person will appreciate.

Gamer Gear
Gamers can be found in all age groups. While normally associated with younger generations, gamers are also found from the ages of 30 – 70. Whether a person likes Halo, Call of Duty or World of Warcraft, there will be gamer gear that truly speaks to their heart.

Clothes: T-shirts, full body suits for women, hats and even pants can be found with most games. Common outfits will be that of a controller, normally found with women-related intimates, as well as shirts with main characters, hats sporting your favorite game or allegiance and a plethora of other cute apparel that is game dependent.

Jewelry: Silver and gold jewelry are also available for the gamer that does not mind sharing their gaming side with the world. There are rings, earrings and charms that can be found for most of the popular games on the market. When in doubt, Etsy will normally have custom-made items for games that you cannot find anywhere else.

Geeky Ties
Geeky ties can be found that will be the envy of every man. These ties can have amazing designs, math equations, chemistry-related equations or virtually any geeky activity your special someone enjoys. Ties are a great item for “him” that is affordable and can always be worn.

Fantasy Related Jewelry
Fantasy-related items are often associated with nerds. These items can have wizards, dragons or mythical creatures that simply speak to the imaginative side of a person. There are fake gold items, silver, gold and even platinum items that a person can find with fantasy-related themes being the center of attention.

Rings: Fantasy rings are both beautiful and practical. These rings are large, but can come with dragons or virtually any fantasy related adornment that a person likes.

Bracelets: What type of fantasy bracelets work best? The answer is simple – all of them. From dragons to snakes, bracelets can simply hold more than any other piece of jewelry. In fact, a Cleopatra-esque bracelet may be the perfect choice for this year’s Valentine’s Day gift.

Fuzzy Slippers
Fuzzy slippers can be found anywhere and are the perfect gift for nerds. While they may not be seen on the red carpet, they are certainly comfortable and welcomed by people of all ages. If you really want to get into the true feeling of a nerd, buying bear slippers or Hulk slippers may just make his heart melt. Go the extra mile by buying matching slippers for yourself so that you both can share a nerdy moment together.

Customized Perfume
Choose from over 300 oils to create a unique perfume customized for your beautiful geek girlfriend. Go here to find out more.

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