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Personal Gift Guide 2017

Posted on December 12, 2014 by Cyndi Berglund

In the spirit of giving, we've put together a little gift guide for you lost shoppers out there. We've carefully selected a range of items grouped by personality, and this week we're looking at the sophisticate, the romantic, and the adventurous.


The Sophisticate


For the elegant cosmopolitan with impeccably refined taste...

  • Ti Amour the First in our Gold Collection:  This harmonious blend, romanticisim in a bottle, evokes your sensuous side, your brand.  It opens with a zest of orange, peach and bergamot blending with Bulgarian rose, jasmine, violet, lily and finishing with orris, oak moss, amber, sandalwood, vetiver with a hint of vanilla. It;s combined with 23 karat gold leaf.  Very Tres Chic.
  • LaSavane is our most classic fragrance that customers always compare to Chanel No. 5. Notes include jasmine, rose, tuberose, and vetiver.


The Romantic

For the sentimental dreamer in love with love...

  • Baie Rouge is our most sweet and romantic fragrance, and it's pink! Notes include sweet pea, geranium, davana, and musk.
  • They can give their lover a rub-down with our Massage Oil, a sensual blend of coconut, macadamia, jojoba, sweet almond, and olive oil.
  • Our bath salt scrub  transforms an ordinary bath into a luxurious treatment. Very moisturizing with a lovely tropical citrus scent


The Adventurous

For the sporty thrill-seeker that hikes off the beaten path...

  • Ile Pinel is our most distinct fragrance reminiscent of the woods and the water. Notes include basil, teakwood, dune grass, and oak moss.
  • Our Atomizer Pen is sleek and unique, with a secret compartment for fragrance. Perfect for that person who's always on-the-go.
  • Make sure they're properly protected in the great outdoors with our Tropical Lotion de Sunscreen, infused with Aloe and Coenzyme Q10. Available in SPF 8/18/30.

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    Shop 'till you drop

    Posted on December 15, 2013 by Rachelle Crumrine

    Still trying to finishing your Christmas shopping before the holiday sneaks up on you? Why not skip the crowds at the mall for a more personal shopping experience here in La Jolla? With numerous boutiques that offer everything from clothing to toys to home goods, the streets of La Jolla make for a perfect shopping destination.


    There’s something for everyone here, with options for a wide range of budgets and demographics. For fine women’s apparel, visit Sigi’s on Girard Ave. or grab a memento at La Jolla Cove Gifts, also on Girard Ave. National brands are also readily available for shoppers, including designer powerhouses such as Banana Republic, Kate Spade and Lululemon.


    For those looking for something in particular, there are plenty of specialty stores scattered throughout La Jolla. Warwick’s is the top stationary and bookstore in the area, The Ascot Shop is a perfect stop for fashionable men, and Tijon has everything covered when it comes to unique local gifts and smelling good.


    Tijon’s boutique, located at 7853 Herschel Ave., offers perfumes, lotions, oils, candles, accessories and more made in its on-site labratory. Made with only the best ingredients, the soaps, lotions and oils not only give off an outstanding aroma but also are aesthetically pleasing with simple contemporary bottle designs that won’t break your budget.  With their 18 signature fragrances, only blocks from the famous La Jolla cove, Tijon makes for a perfect stop for your holiday gifts. 

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